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Owning a Mercedes Benz one thing that many people dream of. Unfortunately, these cars are not typically easy to work on. In many cases, the repairs on a Mercedes Bends should be left to a professional that is experienced working with that make of car. My site will give you a few explanations and examples of repairs that should not be attempted by a mechanic that does not have experience working on this type of car. This will help you determine where to take your car when it needs to have something repaired which can save you a ton of money in unnecessary repair expenses.



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Used Semi Truck Purchases - How To Find The Safest Commercial Vehicle

If you privately ship items for a living or if you own a shipping business, then you likely use commercial vehicles to transport goods. Semi trucks and tractor trailers are the most efficient vehicles for large scale shipping needs. If you need to expand your business or replace a truck that has broken, then your best options is to purchase a used tractor trailer. The safety of the truck should be one of your top concerns, so follow the tips below to make sure that the used semi you choose is the safest one possible.

Look for Advanced Safety Features

Automobiles have been supplied with advanced safety features for some time now, and these devices help to prevent vehicle accidents. Blind spot detection, collision warning systems, rearview cameras, and automatic braking systems are a few examples of these features. Around two million injuries a year occur due to vehicle accidents, and the vast majority of these incidents involve passenger vehicles. However, when a semi truck is involved in an accident, fatalities and serious injuries are quite likely. Manufacturers understand this concern, and advanced safety features are now implemented in some commercial vehicles.

Collision avoidance systems are most commonly utilized with large semi trucks. These safety devices feature radar systems on the front of the trucks that detect possible collisions. When a collision is detected, the engine is slowed down and the braking system is activated. Look for a commercial vehicle with one of these systems to own the safest truck. You may need to buy a truck that has been manufactured sometime after  2007 or 2008 to take advantage of advanced safety features.

Consider Color

Cab color is often not one of the deciding factors that you will use when purchasing a semi truck, but color is actually quite important to safety. Studies indicate that the color of your truck can reduce accidents by making your truck as visible as possible at night and during storms. White vehicles are considered the safest, because they reflect light. Consider purchasing a white truck, unless you drive extensively in snowy weather. If this is the case, then think about buying a yellow truck.  

Along with the basic color of the cab, look for reflectors that have been permanently secured to the vehicle. Reflectors and reflective tape mirror the light that is cast from headlights and traffic lights. This helps to make your truck much more visible in low light situations. The most effect reflectors will be located on the lower sides and the back of the vehicle. Red and white reflectors are most effective, so look for these types of add-ons.

Ask for Maintenance Logs

Semi trucks are often considered business investments due to their high costs. This means that truck owners will often complete regular maintenance to ensure the safety and functionality of all the working parts across the truck. Detailed records generally accompany the maintenance, and these records or logs should be provided with the used semi truck you intend on buying.

Before you purchase the truck, look over the logs in detail. Make sure that oil has been changed about every 10,000 to 15,000 miles, and look for indications that drive shafts have been properly oiled as well every several weeks. Logs should indicate that both oil and fuel filters are changed every one or two months as well. Brake air pressure testing should have been completed before every long trip too. 

If detailed maintenance logs are included with the truck, then it is more than likely that proper maintenance has been performed. This indicates a safer and more reliable truck that is far less likely to fail on you while you are driving.

If you need a semi truck for your business, then a used vehicle is a good option to save your money. You want your vehicle to be safe though, so look for the things listed in this article when you're looking at commercial trucks for sale